PGL 2016

Last weekend, Friday 7th October, Year 6 were lucky enough to visit PGL…

PGL was the best weekend ever! When we arrived at Winmarleigh Hall we had our tasty lunch out in the sun. That was where we got our first glimpse of the fun filled weekend we were about to take part in. As soon as lunch was over we stumbled over to the colossal Big Swing where we all had an exhilarating time soaring through the air. It felt like we were flying, although we had to get our strength ready for tugging that rope to get the other exited children to the top!

After that it was time for the titan Trapeze or what I call the Leap of Faith. First it was Ava to go and amazingly she was so brave as she pulled herself up the thin tree trunk-like pole as if she was a spider.  Unfortunately, was only able to touch the Trapeze. Then it was time to get set up in our rooms, which were extremely tidy, much tidier than my room at home anyway. I shared my room with amazing Ava and lovely Lucia who luckily did not snore, unlike some other people!

“RISE AND SHINE SLEEPY HEADS”, roared Mr Palmieri, waking up the whole corridor at 6.30am. On Saturday, my favourite activity was the rafting building because everyone had to work together as a team to build the raft. It was so mind blowing getting to go in the freezing cold water or from my point of view falling into the water! However I have a pretty funny story to tell you because in the lake I unfortunately lost my waterproof pants; ha ha so funny I know! The other thing I loved about Saturday was when we got to do Splash. It was so funny as we all got splashed by the water balloon that was falling from the tall roof and I suppose that it is why it is called SPLASH!

Sadly Sunday was our last day at PGL however it was still one of the best. On Sunday my favourite activity was the Sensory Trail with our favourite groupie, Aaron or as we liked to call him, melon boy because he had some really cool melon shades. A groupie is a person who takes you around PGL doing all the fun activities with us and singing lots of great songs. My favourite song was the one about the coconut. It’s heart breaking, but our time is over at PGL and we head off home on the coach to our families to have some rest ready for school tomorrow. Year 6 loved PGL and we want to thank all the kind staff who gave up their weekend to take us there. WE LOVE PGL!

By Katie

PGL 2016

On October 7th Year 6 visited PGL at Garstang. It took around one hour to get there and we had dinner outside near some of the awesome activities.  After that, we headed off to The Giant Swing, which was extremely exhilarating for everyone. We all tried very hard and worked well together as a team. Next, we whizzed off to The Trapeze! It was great fun, but the pole was a bit wobbly!

Then we went back to our super bedrooms and got ready to have our scrumptious meal! YUMMY! Do you think we went to bed? Well you’re wrong! At PGL the fun never ends! We played Capture The Flag.  It was fantastic, but what made it even BETTER was that it was really dark! Now we went to bed and secretly ate sweets, which were as tasty as pie, and eventually we went to bed! The beds are like piles of cotton wool, they are so comfy!

WAKEY, WAKEY! We woke up so tired that we thought we would flop to the floor, but we soon got woken up by the superb smell of the sizzling bacon that was getting ready to fall into our bellies! Raft Building was amazing and we had a ton of laughs! Our raft fell to bits when a rope became loose and Mr. Palmeri was the first to fall in! The next activity was The Zip Wire! It’s quite high when you get to the top, but the journey down is wonderful!

Interestingly, The Vertical Challenge isn’t scary! It’s just a bit hard when you get to the tyres, well, it was for us anyway, but eventually you’ll get to the top and it’s magical up there! You feel so proud! LOOK OUT! Put on your goggles for The Sensory Trail! You can’t see at all and as long as you hold on to the rope, you’ll be fine! Just try not to trip over any obstacles! (It does hurt if you fall over!)

Sadly, our time was over at PGL and almost EVERYONE looked sad that we were we leaving! At least we would get to see our family again! It was a long journey home and we arrived back at school, got our bags, met our families and off we went home!

We really enjoyed our time at PGL and hope to visit again! What are you waiting for? GO THERE NOW!

By Matthew

PGL 2016

On October 7th Year 6 visited PGL. It took a good hour to get to Garstang! When we got there we went into the games room and we talked about what we did and then had our dinner outside on some benches. Afterwards, we headed off to the Giant Swing which was amazing, everyone loved it. It was a bit scary going up but then the fun began! After that we went to the Trapeze where we climbed up a giant pole and if you got to the top you could try and catch the bar, the pole was a bit wobbly!

After we did the activities we went to our bedrooms to get ready for our wonderful tea and our night time activity! In our room we had two bunk beds, four really comfy beds and we had a bright light too.

The food tasted amazing and you have a choice of orange squash or water. There was a huge choice of sauces and fruit you could pick up too. But do you think the fun ends there? Well you’re wrong! At PGL we have a night time activity too. On Friday we did Capture the Flag, where we had two teams and you capture the other team’s flag. That was where the day ended but we did have one hour in our rooms before lights out.

“Get up ladies!”, said Mr Palmieri each morning. We all yawned and woke up and said how fun our last day was. Then we got changed for breakfast and then to go to our first activity which was the raft Building! The water was freezing on the raft building which I must say made it more fun! Mr Palmieri was the first to fall in and he was sat on my leg! The next activity was the Zip wire which was really scary but really fun. You have to climb to the top of a high tower then wait with one flight of stairs left until the person on the top goes down.   Then it’s your go. When you stop on the zip wire they told us this password to get out which was 8 0 6 then you have to break the penguins beak. After that we went to the animal posts to learn a song and then we went to computing control robots! As you probably know we control robots using a computer programme which is like scratch but for real life robots. Then after tea we had our night time activity which was Splash! Splash is where you get cardboard to protect a water balloon. If your balloon survived you got to throw them at the groupies; the instructors!

Sadly today was the last day of PGL. So first things first, Mr Palmieri woke us up again then we got changed, had breakfast and went to the animal posts. Then we went to our first activity which was the Vertical challenge, where you have to climb to the top of wobbly tyres and ropes. After that we went to our last ever activity! The Sensory Trail! The Sensory Trail is where you walk around holding onto a rope blindfolded then you try to climb through, over and under obstacles! That was the muddiest activity of all but now we have to say farewell to PGL! It was one of the funniest weekends I have ever had! Everyone is upset to be leaving this extraordinary place. So goodbye PGL!

By Rhys